Jim’s First Book:

The Author About the Author


I’m just a person who’s trying to make things better.  I work through ecology because ecology encompasses everything.  If we don’t figure out how to live and make a living on our planet, in ways that are eco-nomically sustainable, anything else we may accomplish will at best be temporary.  I’m not saying that we will necessarily go extinct as a species, though that is a possibility.  But if we don’t rectify the basic conflict between how we currently satisfy our needs and desires, and the damage that these methods cause to our planet's life support system, we are clearly in for some hard times.

I don’t happen to think that this is inevitable.  I believe that if conscious people work together, our present situation can be turned around.  I believe we have the capability to turn our world into a virtual planetary Garden of Eden — that we are ultimately intelligent enough to use the many strategies and technologies available today, and those yet to be discovered, to live quite comfortably on our planet, until the sun burns out some 5 billion years from now.

Helping this to happen is basically what I’m about, but as my friends will tell you I also like to party, especially when the music is good.


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