Jim’s First Book:


Although I take full responsibility for any errors, faulty logic, or incorrect premises put forward in this book, many people have contributed to making it a reality.  The following is only a partial list of those who have helped. To those whose names I’ve missed, please accept my apology and gratitude for your support.

Gretchen Lemke . Larry Fishbain . Sheryl Sheperio . Estelle Rubenstein . Jim Neshiem . Dave Neptune . Johanna Argoud . Mike & Pat McCoy . Watie Alberity . Jennifer Andersen . Fred Cagle . Marjorie Fox . The Lenny Cooper Foundation . Leone Hays . Lyn Snow . Gary Flo . Bianca Molinari . Forest Marshall . Natori Moore . Dave Burnite . Deborah Johnson . Bernie Kirby . Rebecca Margolis . Roberta Golliher . Kate Crawford . Norris Clement . Keith Mescher . Eugene Ray . Bill Rolie . Lynne Bayless . Karie Kios . Luis Sanchez . Howard Wilcox . Alice Barns . Heather Bell . Derek Eder . Michael Gelfand . Joy Billings . Martha Fort . Pat Dintino . Mark Overby . Russ Ives . August West . Lynn Scholl . Brian Parker . Ann Parker . Anne Colloredo Mansfeld . Donna Vary . Bill Bardallis . Angelica Castrellon . John Bowling . Doug Stewart . Susan & Pat Wallace . Wadad Dubbelday . Colleen Dietzel . Charles St. Hill . Keith

Pazolie . Steve Scheck . John Cenzano . Romeo Carumbus . Nadia Amer . Chris Allen . Laura Dunbar . Gene Troxel.

Special thanks to Sharon Hudnall, Jean Courtney, Hilda Bejarano, Pat Parris, and Carolyn O’Patry who contributed greatly to getting the first edition of this book together in the final month of its production.

Another special thank you goes to Mary Clark who helped on the first edition and who sent me her thoroughly edited copy of the book’s first edition which was very helpful in putting this new edition together.  Also thanks to Robert Ocegueda and Richard Carter who helped design this second edition and to Jim Danielson and Walter Venable who checked my math in the new final chapter.

A very special thanks goes to Marti Goethe who helped on the book in many ways and kept other projects moving while I took the time to get the book ready for this its second publication.

Finally, I thank my mother and father who always encouraged me to follow my heart.

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