Jim’s First Book:

About the Author

Jim Bell is an internationally recognized expert on ecologically sustainable development.  As an ecological designer, Jim works with developers, business, and various public and private agencies.

As of this publication Jim is working on a number of fronts, including teaching classes and working on starting a weekly radio program which he would host.  The program's working title is COMMON SENSE.  The focus of the classes and the radio show, when it happens, is to help create a new constituency of voters who understand that to have a prosperous future we must develop an economy that is ecologically and economically sustainable — and to encourage members of that constituency to run for local office.  Jim is also working as a Design Consultant for the DeAnza Group and is directing the design and construction of an ecologically designed food cooperative community center.  He also worked as a Co-Project Director for Eco-Parque, a prototype wastewater recycling plant in Tijuana, Mexico, until that project was completed, and he has also worked as a consultant for the Otay Ranch Joint Planning Project, the East Lake Development Company, and was the director of the San Diego Center for Appropriate Technology for 7 years.

Each year, Jim speaks to as many as 100 groups, ranging from third grade classes to graduate student seminars, business groups, and environmental organizations.  Jim’s lecture audiences have included the Society for International Development’s 1994 World Conference in Mexico City, the American Institute of Architecture’s California conference in Santa Barbara, and an International Audubon conference in Austin Texas.  Jim is frequently interviewed by members of the television, radio, and print media, and was a guest on National Public Radio’s “TALK OF THE NATION.”

Jim also works with and serves on the Board of Directors of numerous eco-nomically oriented organizations.

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